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Our Church History

The conception of Refuge Evangelical Baptist Church began with what our pastor affectionately call's the "Jericho Road". This experience occurred after a class project at C.U.T.S. (Center for Urban Theological Studies) where he and a fellow classmate, Jim Hawkins, chose to do street evangelism as a project. After the completion of their assignment, Pastor Richardson felt a burden for those he had witnessed to. He encouraged and counseled them to study the word of God, particularly four African brothers from Nigeria and their landlord. They became the first members of Refuge.

One Sunday morning, Pastor Richardson and his family were on their way to church (using Broad Street route) when he experienced the most despicable, unbelievable sights he ever encountered. There for the first time, he really saw the junkies, pimps, prostitutes, homosexuals and all kinds of depravity in a demonically oppressed city. It seemed that everyone who passed by and advanced on this Jericho Road, did so without being affected by what they saw.

There were far too many lost people, too many abandoned homes for our pastor to over look between the journey from his comfortable home to the security of his church (Calvary Baptist Church). He could no longer sit in comfort on the pulpit.

After much prayer and counseling with his Pastor and Deacons of Calvary, he along with his wife, children and the family of Deacon Kenneth and Irma Duncan began their faith mission.

At the home of Pastor Richardson, the first series of prayer and bible studies took place. After word got out about these meetings, the most extraordinary thing happend, it began to grow! It went from Wednesday evening's to Sunday morning's. It was at one of these Sunday services that they decided to become a church. On November 17, 1984, the decision to be called Refuge Evangelical Baptist Church ( as suggested by member, Edward Printz) was voted upon and approved by all with Psalm 46:1 as it's inspiration, became incorporated as a Church.

The membership increased at such a rapid pace, it became necessary to find a larger building to continue the ministry. After much prayer, on February 1, 1985, Pastor Richardson, his wife Dolly, Deacon Duncan and his wife Irma, signed a lease with Mr. Sam Fierstein for the rental of our first edifice on 1220 Oak Lane Avenue.

On March 31, 1985 (Palm Sunday) our church began it's new venture. The dedication service was rendered by the late Pastor Paul V. Clark and Congregation of The Calvary Baptist Church.

Due to the continuing growth of members and ministries, the property on 1100 Oak Lane Avenue was purchased on November 22, 1992 and became the new home of Refuge Evangelical Baptist Church.



Service Times & Directions

We Invite You To Fellowship With Us

Sunday School: 9:30am

Children's Church: 10:45am

Holy Communion & Baptism: Every 1st Sunday

Youth Sunday: 10:45am (Every 5th Sunday)

Refuge Solutions (Prayer & Bible Study): Wednesdays at 7:00pm

Noon Day Prayer: 12:00pm - 12:30pm (Daily)

For any additional information, please call the church office at (215) 224-2024.

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Refuge Evangelical Baptist Church
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